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We’ve changed our name to Tandem Living to better position our brand for future growth. We have not been sold, and values that have steered us for more than a century continue to guide every decision we make.

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Two Woodcrest Villa residents playing their piano

Our story stretches back more than a century.

Tandem Living® was established in 1903 under the name “The Mennonite Home.” Right from the beginning, our focus was on providing the highest possible quality of life for our residents. And as we’ve continued to grow, that commitment has only grown deeper. 

For those who sure don’t feel 60+

Woodcrest Villa is an active community for people who aren’t ready to let their age define them. Some move in for the natural beauty. Others, for the wide range of amenities. And anyone can appreciate the location—which makes nights on the town and day trips around the region equally convenient. 

Two women greeting each other in a doorway
Woodcrest Villa residents and their young granddaughter hold apples in a Lancaster orchard

The parent company: Tandem Living

As the organization that owns and manages Woodcrest Villa and Trillium Place, Tandem Living follows the Christ-centered mission to enrich the lives of residents, staff, and the community.